• ELPA21 “Future Kindergarten” Screener

    West Virginia District Title III Directors: This Friday, September 28th completes the usage period of the ELPA21 “Future Kindergarten” Screener version for 2018-2019.  You may continue to use the ELPA21 Screener for Kindergarten-Grade 12 through June 2019, but for incoming Kindergarten students who need to be screened, the regular “Kindergarten” version will be in use until next June.  

    Added September 25, 2018
  • ELPA21 Demo Student Accounts

    In order to maintain test security and the validity of test scores, it is very important that TAs understand that they are not allowed to create demo students and attempt to take the screener themselves. While we appreciate that there may be some uncertainty in states that are new to the ELPA21 screener, the available training materials contain all information that TAs need to successfully administer the screener. Any attempt to coach students, however well intended, may result in a testing irregularity and scores that are not meaningful.

    Added August 15, 2018

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