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AIRWays User Guide /core/fileparse.php/2367/urlt/WVDE-AIRWays-Reporting-User-Guide-2018-2019.pdf
This user guide instructions and support for users viewing the interim assessment performance reports and handscoring in AIRWays. For additional reports, refer to the Online Reporting System User Guide.
Braille Requirements Specifications Manual /core/fileparse.php/2367/urlt/WVGSA_Braille_Reqs_Manual_2017-2018.pdf
Updated December 11, 2018
This manual provides information and instructions for supported hardware and software requirements for Braille testing and instructions for configuring JAWS.
System Requirements /core/fileparse.php/2367/urlt/WVDE_System_Requirements_2018-2019.pdf
Updated December 11, 2018
This document provides the hardware and software requirements for the West Virginia General Summative Assessment  and ELPA21 assessments.
Secure Browser Installation Manual /core/fileparse.php/2367/urlt/WVDE_Secure_Browser_Installation_Manual.pdf
This guide provides instructions for installing the secure browsers on computers and devices used for online assessments.
Technical Specifications Guide for Online Testing /core/fileparse.php/2367/urlt/WVDE_Tech_Specs_Manual_2018-2019.pdf
Updated December 11, 2018
This guide provides information about network and internet requirements, general hardware and software requirements, and text-to-speech information for the West Virginia General Summative Assessment.
Test Administrator (TA) User Guide /core/fileparse.php/2367/urlt/WV-1819-TA-User-Guide.pdf
Updated December 07, 2018
This user guide is designed to help users navigate the Test Delivery System (TDS) including the Student Interface and the Test Administrator Interface, and help support teachers administering the West Virginia General Summative Assessment tests and Practice and Training tests.

These documents will provide an overview and support for users accessing the Desmos calculators in the Test Delivery System  for online test administration.

Please see links to access specific Desmos calculators.

System Support Plan for TDS /core/fileparse.php/2367/urlt/WVDE_EOL_2018-2019.pdf

This document describes American Institutes for Research’s (AIR) plan for supporting operating systems during the 2018–2019 test administration and its subsequent years. This plan helps districts and schools manage operating system deployments based on the support timelines.